"A WebVR experience to assist my physically separated family in connecting with each other and creating an environment of togetherness."


Semper Simul

Personal Project | May 2018

WebVR Development | Interaction Design

Tools: Three.js, KinectV2, Kinectron, WebRTC, and 3D scanning


Thesis Statement

How can technology help my family who are separated by distance emotionally connect?

Semper Simul, meaning ‘always together’, is a real-time multi-user webVR experience for my physically separated family to connect and feel togetherness. It aims to give a feeling of eating together on a same table in one shared space.



Semper Simul is my artistic approach to shorten a gap of my family, who are separated by long distance; with the help of current technology, I hope my family can spend more time together and feel connected. Since I came to United States to study when I was 17, I have been living far away from my loving family in my home country, South Korea. My sister also left Korea shortly after. I miss my childhood when my family always stayed together under one roof, and enjoyed meals together everyday. How can I recreate this feeling of togetherness with my family? According to a study, eating with family is important because it not only helps the family to be mentally healthy but also makes them stay together. I believe that eating together is the most basic and meaningful family ritual that makes family emotionally connected. What if my family can eat with each other everyday with the help of an immersive communication platform I create? I hope my family will be able to communicate with each other more by sharing the eating ritual over the distance.




Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 10.05.26 PM.png



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Video Documentation



Health, Happiness and Eating Together - Adrian C Sleigh and others

Correlations Between Family Meals and Psychosocial Well-being - Marla E. Eisenberg and others

Eating together is important - L. Wright and others

The Family That Eats Together, Stays Together - Alaina Anderson


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