Ji Young Chun, Reflection, 2015. wood, photography prints, and PVC film, 1' x 1' (base) x 8'-3" (height) (x12 ea). Korea.


It’s 7:14 PM of September 17th year 2012 between 23rd street and Broadway in Manhattan, New York City. I walk towards the Flatiron Building, a triangular skyscraper intersecting three streets of New York. Standing on the vertex of the three streets that mark the building, I face a glass façade, on which appear juxtapositions of different scenes: reflections of pedestrians, cars and buildings, columns and art installation inside the building, and buildings behind the layers of its glass walls. I experience a sense of disorientation that whips up a sort of magic expected from the 9 3¾4 platform of Harry Potter.

I transport year 2012 in New York City from my memory on to year 2015, Project Broom Gallery, Korea so that the audience experience the same disorientation I experienced.