"Digital technology sutures the gap between imagination and rationality, fiction and truth, and illusion and reality without the stitch line” (Image Humanities, Vol.2, Pg. 10, Publisher: Thousand years Imagination, 2014).

Overlap of Virtuality and Reality

Team Work (my role: co-director, designer) | Sep 2015

Media Art | Hologram Projection | Installation

Tools: Acrylic, 4 LCD screens, After Effects, Wood



As a co-director, I led a team of eleven artists and designers and worked on ideation, construction, and presentations of the installation work, which was a project for the Artphil Competition in Korea. I focused on visualizing our ideas into sculptural objects and on creating media footage for the hologram projection using the program After Effects. We won the Award of Elegance and were given the opportunity to exhibit this work at Project Broom Gallery.



Layer 1 - bottom | Documentary Film: The projected film depicts the emotions we experience, such as anger or joy. The emotions exude some energy.

Layer 2 - middle | Hologram: The hologram stands for the idea of virtuality, represented by a flame of energy that is powered by emotions.

Layer 3 - top | Object: The cube, holding branches and acrylic sticks, acts as a symbol of reality.   

The six planes of the cube work as screens between reality and virtuality. The border between reality and virtuality is shattered by the energy: the branches and acrylic sticks are liquified, combusted, corroded and crystallized as they converge with the hologram.