Magic Windows. Interaction with the city + final idea

Initial Idea: Using Foursquare API and Google Map API, I will create a restaurant application. It will feature the information of and directions to food venues. At first, I will display information and pictures about food venues on the corresponding buildings of restaurants, cafes, and bars using AR kit and Foursquare API. Later on, I will incorporate direction function using Google Map API. Like HotStepper example, I will put White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland on the road, and he will guide you to the restaurant you type. On the way to the restaurant, the world becomes like a tea party scene from Alice in Wonderland and displays food pictures from Foursquare on dishes on the road, like Hansel and Gretel's food path. Every time you pass by the food, it has some sound effects to make you feel like earning points. Music will play based on the type of food you are going to eat. So if you are going to a Chinese restaurant, a traditional Chinese song will play as the background music.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 10.33.00 PM.png

AR kit demo with the White Rabbit: The White Rabbit dancing in the city. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 11.22.12 PM.png

Final Idea: Using Google Maps API, I will make the sneaky White Rabbit guide users to one of the closest speakeasy bars in NYC, which are hidden in random places all over the city.  I will make the rabbit much smaller than the size in the video above, and he will run rather than dance, capturing his original characteristic from the movie, Alice in Wonderland. The users will also have to run to catch the running rabbit holding a ticking clock. Otherwise, the users will lose the rabbit and won't get to the bar! They will be given 10 mins to get there. If they make it, they will see the crazy cocktail (tea) party with the characters from the movie at speakeasy bar. If they don't make it, the rabbit will run away!

Magic Window 4. Object that has Personality / Object project Idea / Midterm Idea

Object that has personality

This lovely balloon in my room above my bed seems to have personality. I adopted him 10 days ago but he is still alive, although I thought helium balloon would last only a few days. I talk to him everyday. I say, "stay strong, you can do it!" and he seems to say "Yes I will stay strong for you!" I attribute him human characteristics because he is always standing, and if he gets tired, he will eventually fall and lie down on the floor. Whenever I touch or poke him, he dances gently and stops when he gets to the ceiling again. I want to live with him for a long time. He is my lovely balloon! 


Augmented Object Project

For this project I would like to augment a soda can we see everyday in daily life. I want to make it a magical swimming pool and have a person jump into the soda pool. 

Or I would like to augment the pot I used for previous project, "Genie Assistant", and create 3D version of the Genie assistant.



Midterm Ideas

I have several ideas I want to explore

  1. Moving portraits
  2. Augmented business card
  3. Genie assistant watch
  4. AR map
  5. AR menu

Magic Windows 1. GIF animation

       we were told to create an animated gif that illustrates ourselves. To me, this short animated gif of a lego head is a simple representation of me, which shows my passion and my personality. First, 'lego' has been my all-time favorite toy since I was a kid. I would build things out of lego blocks and play with lego figures inside my own creation of playground. The passion for lego led me into studying arts and architecture, and eventually shaped me into who I am right now studying AR in this amazing school ITP. In terms of personality, I smile a lot like this lego because little things make me happy easily, and I try to stay positive as much as I can because positivity always wins negativity! 

       I shot 40 pictures of a lego head changing orientations with my hand and erased the hand and the background of each picture one by one using photoshop. Then I combined them together to create a gif file also in photoshop. The first and the last shots are longer than the others, and this gif image is 2.35 seconds in total.