can we change our routines and eventually change ourselves into who we want to be?    

——— The Science of Habit Formation “ Chunking Healthy Habits ”



According to the article Behavior First, Design Second, some behaviors that drive us nuts are core to the human experience:

  1. We want attention.
  2. We collect things.
  3. We want status.
  4. We are vain.
  5. We make judgments accordingly

The author argues that we need to consider these behaviors before jumping into designing and building things. 


According to the Behavior grid by BJ Fogg, there are 15 ways that behavior can change. I want to tackle Purple Span behavior, which is increasing behavior over a period of time. 



Also, he mentions that motivation, ability, and trigger should converge at the same moment, like shown in the Fogg Behavior model, in order to facilitate a behavior. 

Now, in the article How Companies Learn Your Secrets, author explains how powerful the science of habit formation is. He mentions, "although habits are so difficult to change once they're formed, habits are not destiny- they can be ignored or replaced." He argues how important that once the loop is established and a habit emerges, your brain automatically does things without decision-making process.

Learning from the articles above, I wanted to ask a few questions. If facilitating a behavior is a convergence of motivation, ability, and triggers, how can I tackle Purple Span Behavior, which is to increase a behavior over a period of time?  How powerful our habits are? If habits are controllable, simple as to be formed from cue, routine, reward, and those small habits (automatic behaviors) form routines, can we change our routines and eventually change ourselves into who we want to be? And I raised some of more specific questions. How can I fix exercise habits for those of who hate working out? How can i make people healthy in a more fun and effective way? How can I make them work out regularly without making them feel stressed? So I ended up thinking of ideas of creating apps that fix people's habits with a social habits log book. In this app, users can collect coins (reward) as you try to reach your goals -- following the guide from the first article to make users collect things which is human nature. And at the end of the week the ranking system comparing how much users and their friends have earned will motivate users to work out harder (motivation). Whenever the users slack off, the app pushes notifications to trigger the users (cue/triggers). Moreover, users can exchange the virtual coin with coupons or.. donation to charities they want! (reward). 

Some possible features:

AR marathon

AR running machine/ cycle - something like mario cart 

AR drinking water 2L a day

AR eating a salad a day

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 7.05.57 PM.png


Inspiration: social check in platform "swarm"