Magic Windows 1. GIF animation

       we were told to create an animated gif that illustrates ourselves. To me, this short animated gif of a lego head is a simple representation of me, which shows my passion and my personality. First, 'lego' has been my all-time favorite toy since I was a kid. I would build things out of lego blocks and play with lego figures inside my own creation of playground. The passion for lego led me into studying arts and architecture, and eventually shaped me into who I am right now studying AR in this amazing school ITP. In terms of personality, I smile a lot like this lego because little things make me happy easily, and I try to stay positive as much as I can because positivity always wins negativity! 

       I shot 40 pictures of a lego head changing orientations with my hand and erased the hand and the background of each picture one by one using photoshop. Then I combined them together to create a gif file also in photoshop. The first and the last shots are longer than the others, and this gif image is 2.35 seconds in total.