Live Web 1-1. Synchronous communications

Find a live or synchronous site or platform online. Try it out. How is it used? What do you find interesting about it?


       In class, we learned that synchronous platforms differ from asynchronous ones in that synchronous sites occur in real-time without space for manipulations. Among a variety of examples of synchronous platforms, I find Instagram Live to be very useful. Over the past few years, Instagram has become the number one SNS, boasting its simple and powerful user experience, and the largest number of users around the globe. Recently, Instagram Live function brought Instagram into even bigger success by changing Instagram's asynchronous communications only through posts and messages into synchronous communications through live videos. If your Instagram friend starts broadcasting a live video, his or her profile picture shows up at the top of your Instagram page with a caption, "Live". If you click that picture, you can start engaging in the interactive live video. First you see your friend's video with his or her talking, and you can send heart stickers or comment on the video whenever you want to so that you can actively participate in the live interaction. The video host can now communicate with the viewers by responding the comments in real time by talking or showing. For example, I often watch Live videos of one popular fashion blogger. She casually turns on the Live video and show hows she puts on makeup, what she wears, where she goes, and what she eats everyday. A lot of viewers ask questions such as what cosmetic brands she buys makeup stuff from and so on. Sometimes the viewers give the video host tips about restaurants or places she visits. These text to talk communications happen so fast that it is nothing much different from talking in real life. She seems pretty satisfied by the tips and all the compliments she gets from her viewers aka fans. Now broadcasting a live video turned into her habitual job everyday and she became more famous thanks to this active communications with people. I find it interesting because I never imagined that I could lively "communicate" with her before Instagram Live because she seemed to be living in a different world, but now I feel so much closer and more connected to her even if we are still communicating in a virtual world.