3D printing 4. Chopstick Helper ver.2 & Final Project Idea

So my chopstick helper I made last week had a dimension problem. When I printed it out with a 3d printer, the four holes in this device came out smaller than they were supposed to be. So I had to test this out with wooden chopsticks on their narrow parts. 


This time, I made the holes 1.6 mm bigger than the actual size. Also, I wanted to test out a different material with higher resolution. 

For my final project, I want to make a cup light, which is a portable light that fits into the bottom of a cup. It is meant to offer a fun experience to users who enjoy drinking in daily life or at a bar by lighting up their drinks with different animations and colors. I am going to use a neopixels LED ring and program the lighting based on the accelerometer's xyz values, which detects the movement of the cup. So if the users lift up the cup to drink, the lighting animations and colors change. In order to make this device, I need to design a holder for the LED, the accelerometer sensor and a battery, which also fits into the cups.