Magic Window 4. Object that has Personality / Object project Idea / Midterm Idea

Object that has personality

This lovely balloon in my room above my bed seems to have personality. I adopted him 10 days ago but he is still alive, although I thought helium balloon would last only a few days. I talk to him everyday. I say, "stay strong, you can do it!" and he seems to say "Yes I will stay strong for you!" I attribute him human characteristics because he is always standing, and if he gets tired, he will eventually fall and lie down on the floor. Whenever I touch or poke him, he dances gently and stops when he gets to the ceiling again. I want to live with him for a long time. He is my lovely balloon! 


Augmented Object Project

For this project I would like to augment a soda can we see everyday in daily life. I want to make it a magical swimming pool and have a person jump into the soda pool. 

Or I would like to augment the pot I used for previous project, "Genie Assistant", and create 3D version of the Genie assistant.



Midterm Ideas

I have several ideas I want to explore

  1. Moving portraits
  2. Augmented business card
  3. Genie assistant watch
  4. AR map
  5. AR menu