"Can we feel intimacy with a visually augmented and humanized smart assistant?"


Genie Assistant

Personal Project | Oct 2017

Creative Coding, Projection Mapping

Tools: JavaScript, P5.js, toxiclibs.js and MadMapper




Smart assistants don't get tired of helping us nor upset at us. But why can't we feel intimacy with them? What if I add a visual presence to smart assistants to bring them to life? Inspired by Genie from “Aladdin,” I made a “Genie Assistant,” which is a visually augmented and humanized smart assistant that comes out of a pot to help. It is a mixed reality experience where I can feel like Genie is immediately next to me without any AR device. Also, the Genie Assistant displays human emotions so I can have smoother interactions. I can customize the Genie’s avatar and make it into my favorite star or a character. The summoning of the Genie is triggered by opening the lid of the pot. The Genie then says, “How can I help you?” Now I can interact with the Genie like how I do with a real person!



Smart Assistant + Life

My first idea was to make a smart watch on which I can augment and bring a virtual assistant to life. It is portable and handy. Genie is simply triggered by opening the lid of the watch. There are three tasks you can get help with: weather information, video calling, and scheduling. Later on, I wanted to have fun using the most unexpected object, a pot, inspired by the story of “Aladdin.” 


Demo Shots

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 4.27.26 AM.png