Cook the Beat

tools: javascript, html, css, p5.js, and tone.js


Interactive music composing interface.  I wanted to create a basic and intuitive interface that anyone can play with without difficulty.

Click start button to start, and you can first start with building up different bass sounds. The four different bass sounds repeat themselves as a loop.

Then you can add melody 1 or 2 to add some melody. You can also add drum 1 or 2 to add some strong bass beats. Theses all repeat themselves in a loop as well.

Finally you can play with hh and kick sounds which are only played one at a time as you click the button. Alongside with all those sounds set up as a background, hh and kick buttons will let you play with beats freely. Click stop button to stop everything. You can click start button again to play what you’ve composed so far and add some more sounds.

Enjoy playing!

Link to sketch (full screen)