Hi, I'm Ji Young-


I'm a creative technologist and an interaction designer with a background in fine arts and architecture, based in New York. I am passionate about engaging interactive experiences and skilled with rapid ideation and software and hardware prototyping. I recently graduated from ITP, NYU where I explored the magical intersection of art and technology.

A creative thinker with a diverse array of experiences in the arts and entertainment industry, I strive to help people enrich their lives with beauty and fun. Through forging creative and inspiring experiences, I aim to widen people's perspectives and expand their capacity to think.

I've involved in a number of interactive media projects from web/mobile UX design and development to creative coding and physical computing. Regardless of medium, I view myself as a surrealist and a visionary who introduces people to a new world that lies between the physical and virtual space. I enjoy to incorporate the use of AR technology to better realize my vision. 

Please feel free to contact me anytime!